House Tour

Welcome to my home...None of these rooms are finished, but hey that's what this blog's about, right?

I live in a four bedroom townhome on the Coast of California.

We have lived here two years and we hope to make this less of a house and more of a home over the next few years.


Living Room.

Dining Room.

The heart was made by Nick and Jakey as a Mother's Day gift this year. 

Master Bedroom.

My step mom painted this beauty above our bed.

Noah's room.

Jakey's Room:



My backyard.

The rest of the tour will have to wait until I have cleaned my house!


  1. sounds and looks like heaven, good job :)

    1. Beautiful ! Your ideas and money saving tips are awesome.

  2. Great home! Your front door colour and that turquoise bench have me drooling...