Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Refinish a Dated Bar Cart

Over the winter my stepmom, Sandie, asked me to refinish this cute little bar cart that originally belonged to her grandmother.

Ok so "cute" may not be how most would describe it, but there's definite potential. 

At eight months pregnant I got to sanding, but don't worry I wore a mask and sanded in a very open space. 

I thought for sure I would have this thing sanded in two hours max, but I was waaaaaaay off. As it turns out Sandie's mom had refinished this cart in the seventies-ish and painted this thing to withstand the apocalypse. It took me more than eight hours to sand the cart. I certainly didn't do it all at once, especially being pregnant. 

But once all the sanding was finally done, we took it apart and started painting in the hubby's handmade painting studio. It's green because we had painted a locker cabinet the day before. You can view that project here.

When I say "we" I mean the hubby painted both the locker cabinet and the cart because I was pregnant at the time of painting. So I was safely inside the house, away from any yucky paint smell, probably with my feet up watching TV. Lol, thanks honey!

 Here he is painting!

He even painted me love notes.

Actually, while he painted the cart itself I tackled the hardware. It was pretty discolored and I couldn't justify putting the same hardware back on with a fresh paint job.

First, I tried brasso and that did nothing. Second, I used tomato sauce to try to polish it, but the sauce just turned the hardware a pinkish color because these are brass coated and not full brass pieces. Finally, I decided to paint the hardware.

I used gold leaf paint.

And I'm super happy with the results. 

Finally, to finish off the cart we added a custom fit mirror to the top. Originally, I bought a mirror for the bottom too, but I didn't like it with both mirrors, it was too blingy. I really wanted to feature the new brass casters and the new drawer pulls that were bought for the cart. (The drawer pulls came in the wrong size so those have yet to be added).

I'm super happy with the results. And grateful to my hubby for his awesome paint job.  

Oh and here are the casters Sandie bought. She took the cart into the shop and had them sized which is always a great idea to ensure proper fit. They really make the piece in my opinion. I can't wait to add the pulls. I'll post an update picture once that's done. 

And what a difference in the look of the hardware. I'm so happy I put all the effort in to get it looking good.

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