Monday, December 15, 2014

Hallway Picture Gallery

Upstairs we have a long hallway with two 8-10 foot walls on either side. Without anything on the walls the hallway looks really big, really plain, and really white. I used to have a bunch of black frames on the walls, but somehow a few of them broke and my two boys (the hubby and the kid) have absolutely no idea how that happened.
So for some time I wanted new frames, but just hadn't found any that I liked. One day walking through Michael's I saw the frames below. But they were $29.99 each. Yes $30 dollars each. Who can afford that. So I gave up and thought someday I'll find something that'll catch my eye.
Well, about 6 months later I was walking through Michael's looking for tye dye for Jake's school and I saw them, my frames were on sale, not just sale but clearance and were marked down to $8 a piece. So I snagged up what I could and quickly checked out. While I was checking out, it was a nice surprise to find the frames weren't $8 each, but $6 each. After a trip to 3 different Michaels, and an estimated $100 I had 18 frames to use for my gallery walls.

As you can see I used 9 on one wall and 9 on the other. Below you can see the blank wall I started with.
Measuring to hang all of these frames was definitely not fun. I started with the very middle frame and worked my way out on either side, then the top, and then the bottom. I measured the entire wall both horizontally and vertically and got a mid-point for the first frame. Then I measured out about 15 inches from each hole and marked the next hole. I used our metal square to make sure everything was equal and level.

Next, I added the nails and hooks again starting in the middle and working my way outward, double checking all my measurements as I went.

And finally I got to pick out my favorite pictures and add them to the frames. I set out all 18 frames with pictures in them and picked which ones to add to which wall. I wanted the frames to feel cohesive so I tried to evenly distribute the colors.


I am thrilled with my hallway. And I want to give a shout out to Lana Estrada Photography because she took 17 out of the 18 pictures that I framed. Check out her link on the right hand side of my blog, she's an awesome photographer, as you can see!

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