Saturday, November 29, 2014

How to Make Custom Fabric Picture Frame Mattes

I got these frames 5-6 years ago at Michaels. And they've been hanging on the guest room walls since we've moved in. Well now that the guest room is Jakey's big boy room I had to take the frames down. But I LOVE these frames and didn't want to get rid of them. And then I noticed the frames look like they belong in a tree house type room. I asked Jakey his thoughts and he was excited to pick out pictures and hang the frames. But in order to make the frames more Jakey's style and less my style I figured I would add some custom frame mattes.  

We went to Joann's Fabric store and Jakey picked out three different super hero fabrics he wanted to use.  First I laid the fabric pattern side down. 
Then I put the matte front side down on the fabric and lined up Spiderman's face as best I could, so that when I cut and wrapped the matte you see Spiderman's face as much as possible instead of his foot. Make sure you have about an inch on each side of the matte, you can always cut the excess of later. 

Then I made a diagonal cut at each corner.  

Then I glued down the top and bottom pieces with hot glue, followed by either side. 

After all the sides are glues, you can flip over the matte and this is what you'll see. It looks just like a square of fabric. Don't worry if the corners aren't perfect, you won't see them from inside the frame.

Next, take your scissors and poke a hole right in the center of the fabric, in the middle of the matte. And from the center cut diagonally to each corner. With all four cuts made it'll look like a "X" with four triangles. 

Flip the matte over again. and glue the first corner. I usually start with the top and bottom, followed by the sides. 

This is what the matte will look like after all sides have been glued. 

Next, cut off the excess pieces of fabric. And this is what the back of the matte will look like when you're all finished. 

Here is the front of the matte. If this is your first time you might want to get a little extra fabric because it's easy to over-cut and mess up on the inside corners, but once you do this once, you'll get it. And if you should happen to mess up it's okay to tear it off and start over again! 

Next, add pictures of your choosing and hang on the wall!

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