Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DIY Envelope Super Hero Pillows

I've had these three pillows sitting in a storage closet under the stairs for a while. When we decided to build Jakey's bed, I wanted to add a bunch of pillows for him to cuddle with. Jakey loved this idea. We went to the fabric store and Jakey picked out three different superhero fabrics that he liked and wanted to use. Let me also preface this tutorial by saying that I do not have the best sewing skills, but practice when I can because practice makes perfect!
Each pillow is 18X18 inches. I bought a yard of each fabric, but that's because I had a second project in mind for these fabrics as well, which will be posted next week. But start by cutting the fabric to size; about an inch extra on the long sides and the short side should be double the height of the pillow plus two extra inches.

Start by sewing the seam on the two short sides. Typically, I see in every sewing book and tutorial that the seam should be about half an inch, but I'm just more comfortable with an inch, again my sewing skills are still at the very beginner level. Next, fold the pillow with the pattern side of the fabric facing the pillow. 

Pin the line where the fabric meets and slide the pillow out as slowly as you can so as not to disturb the pins. 

Next, sew the two open sides. 

Flip the pillow case inside out and add the pillow. And you're done!

Now just put them on the bed and enjoy!

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