Monday, August 25, 2014

Silohuette Shooting Target Artwork aka Cheap Man Cave Artwork

The artwork was sort of a spur of the moment decision that worked out well for us. This was what was on the wall previously. And actually this artwork has been there for a while. The motorcycle print was a b-day gift to the hubby that he took to his office. And the original clipboard art gallery post can be seen here. Although, I admit I do miss Jakey's artwork, but I have plans to hang it in the upstairs hallway.

Nick came home one day and said he switched offices at work and needed a piece of art. After looking around for a while I saw this image on pinterest.

My hubby is pretty manly so I thought this would be perfect for his new man cave. And he quickly agreed.

We made a quick trip to a local shooting range and picked up four targets for $3.00. Seriously, $3 for art!!!

Then we made a quick trip to Michael's Craft store where I picked up four 18X24 frames on sale from $39.99 to $10 each! Four frames for the price of one, yes please!

Hanging them was simple too. I measured the entire wall, took that number and divided it by 5. I think the number I got was 22.5 or something similar. Then I made a dot every 22.5 inches. Next, I measured the distance from the ceiling to the dot to make sure each one was lined up evenly. There you have it! Easy and cheap art!! Perfect for any man cave!

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