Thursday, July 24, 2014

Easy Succulent Driftwood Planter

This project was super easy. And when I say super easy I mean super, super, super easy. I had introduced you to this driftwood candle holder about a year ago. You can see the original tutorial here. Well, I have three of these throughout my household and decided it was time for a bit of a change.

I had already preserved this piece of driftwood following these steps.  If your driftwood fits into the oven you can bake it on low heat (200 degrees) for about an hour. This will get the bugs out, and dry the wood out to prevent rot later on. I typically bake pinecones at Christmas time.

This piece also already had holes drilled in it. But you can easily drill holes into the wood.

I picked up these fake succulent pieces at Michael's when they were on sale for $1 a piece.

Then I simply cut the stems to fit and glued them into the holes.

There you have it. Super easy, but packs a punch!


  1. I love this idea!!! I've seen these arrangements at hotels and wondered, "it can't be that hard to make, can it?" You are amazing.

    1. Thank you! Yes...super easy and cheap and favorite kind of project!!! I love this piece so much more now than when it was a candle holder!