Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Create a Fun and Unique Picture Gallery Wall

I have an exciting treat for all of you...

A whole month of guest posts!!! We have some super fun guest posters returning. And I thought to kick off this fun month I'll start with my mom's beautiful gallery wall. My mom is the foundation of my creativeness and she's still coming up with awesome ideas! You can also check out my mom's previous guest post here and here!

My husband Raul and I moved from California to Ohio in 2006. It was very hard to leave our children behind but we knew that they had grown into responsible young adults. Beside all of our memories, we had many pictures throughout the years and we wanted to hang them up in our living room.  

I did not want a lot of nail holes in the walls so we decided on a multi wall hanger we had seen in a magazine. The cost was $300.00 if we ordered the product from the magazine.  My husband Raul studied the picture for about a day and decided that we could make our own wall hanging. We did however order the metal rods and individual picture hangers from the magazine. The cost $55.00. We bought a beautiful silver curtain rod on sale for $25.00. 

We used the curtain rod as the main hanger for the picture frames. We measured the wall in order to hang the curtain rod in the center of the wall. We used three heavy braces for the curtain rod since the frames are heavy. This also prevented the curtain rod from bending in half. 

We did not want different colored picture frames. Our living room wall is green so we decided on using black frames as an accent. We had some picture frames already and we bought some on sale (by one and get one for a penny). We also had fun going to thrift stores and buying picture frames and painting them black. Total cost for the picture frames and paint $20.00.  
After we hung the curtain rod up, we arranged the frames without pictures. 

We used a small level to make sure the picture frames where straight. We did this to get a feeling for what the frames might look like when the project was completed. 

 The next step was the most exciting part of the project. Raul and I went through our pictures 
and decided which ones we wanted framed. We had our own printer so we could enlarge the picture if need be. After we decided on the pictures we wanted, we put the pictures into the frames. 

Throughout the years the pictures have been changed. We can change the picture by removing the frames from their hangers and not damage the wall.

Since we have been in Ohio we had many parties with family and friends and our hanging pictures have always been a source of conversation. 
Total cost for the materials $100, memories priceless! 

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