Monday, June 30, 2014

Fixing Up The Side Yard With Some Birdhouses

My mom and step dad have been super creative and busy lately. She was kind enough to send me not one but two guest blogs! They came up with a unique and cute way to add a little something more to her yard. 

After a long and cold winter our side yard definitely needed some help. The first thing we did was take out the dead plants and plant new grass. 

Already, we could see a huge difference. 

But the yard still seemed to be missing something. So we gathered a collection of bird houses to hang on the fence.

There was no way to hang the bird houses as they were, so we grabbed some eye hooks and key chain rings.

My husband drilled a pilot hole in the back of each bird house, so we could easily add the eye hook.

Next, we used a basic picture frame hook and nailed it to the fence. 

Then we were easily able to hang each bird house.

We are incredibly happy with the results. The birdhouses just seem to add that extra something we were missing.

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