Monday, May 12, 2014

Finger Painting Art and Greeting Cards - A Great Gift Idea

My son loves to paint. He also loves to color with markers and crayons, but more than anything he loves to paint. So of course I would have his art work all over the house. This is a great way to add to your decor. Hanging your child's artwork brings in lots of color, sentiment, and your kid will be so excited everytime they walk by!

But now thanks to my talented step mom his art work is also in the shape of a greeting card.
My step mom is a chinese brush artist and creates beautiful works of art similar to that of Nan Rae. You can read all about Nan Rae here! Or you can see some of my step mom's paintings featured in the rooms below. These pictures also appear in the house tour which you can view here!

Anyways, my stepmom took Jakey's paintings and turned them into a blank notecard and gave them to me at Christmas. This was such a sweet and fun Christmas gift. I loved seeing Jakey's art on the card and I feel so proud everytime I hand one out. They are blank so I mainly use them as Thank You notes, but really they can be used for anything. I don't actually have a copy of the finger painting my step mom used because Jakey painted that for her last Christmas and it's in a frame at their house. But here's another favorite of mine so you can get the idea.

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