Monday, May 26, 2014

Faux Flowers or Real Flowers?

Which do you prefer? I love having greenery all around the house. Flowers make a room feel more put together and fresh. But since I live at the beach, I don't have a yard, just a patio. And if you know me I don't have any type of green thumb. I buy a plant for our doorstep every spring and every fall it dies and never comes back. I end up watering weeds in a pot before my hubby not so subtly tells me to get rid of the eye sore.

So I don't have access to fresh flowers from the garden and buying them can get a bit pricey every week so I have quite a few fake flowers.

Whenever I watch HGTV they never recommend fake flowers, they always say real is better. Which I would agree with but again real flowers can be a lot of work. But then I see fake flowers all the time in the home tours or makeovers, lol! 

The problem with fake flowers is that they get dusty and you have to constantly shake them out. I love flowers so for now I'll keep them and hope that one day I'll have a beautiful garden, maintained by someone else so I can have a constant supply of real flowers!

Also, since I'll be traveling the world in June (headed to Costa Rica, woohoo!!!), I have a whole month of guest posts starting on Monday June 2! I have some really awesome, creative, and artistic friends and family that have created some really beautiful and amazing things. Lucky for us I convinced them to give us tutorials so we can make them too! I can't wait to get back and tell you about my travels and see how much you loved the guest posts! I also finished a really great furniture makeover with my hubby this past Memorial day weekend that I'll be sharing with you when I get back! Believe me it's worth the wait!!!

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