Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Turn a Tire Into an Ottoman/Cat Bed

My hubby just sold his motorcycle and we've had this tire sitting in our garage. I knew he wasn't going to use it so I turned it into an ottoman/cat bed. These ottoman's can get pretty pricey, some in the $300 range! So I thought why not waste a perfectly good, old tire!

I cleaned out the tire. Next, I picked up two 2X2 pieces of plywood.

I traced the inside of my tire and used the jig saw to cut the circle out.

And they are certainly far from perfect circles, but hey they worked!

I then sat around for a few days trying to figure out the best way of attaching the wood and just figured tape would work.

I taped the inside of only one side because that's all I could do. Next, I stuffed it with an old king size pillow and then I taped the top.

First, I glued the end down.

Then I sort of coiled the rope around and over the end and glued that down.

And then I kept going...

And going...

And going...

And going...

I think I spent about 6 hours total wrapping the rope. I did it accross three nights and three movies. I used many packs of hot glue and 300 feet of rope.

The total cost was about $23 for three packs of rope, plywood, and glue.

All three cats immediately loved it. Ginger scratched this thing for a long while.

She loved scratching it so much she went all the way around in a circle.

And as soon as Ginger was done, Little Bear came to get his scratch on!

But was quickly annoyed because Ninja had to see what was up.

And after a small fight, Little Bear won his new napping spot.

Super easy, cheap, and a big success!

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