Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Turn a Tire Into an Ottoman/Cat Bed

My hubby just sold his motorcycle and we've had this tire sitting in our garage. I knew he wasn't going to use it so I turned it into an ottoman/cat bed. These ottoman's can get pretty pricey, some in the $300 range! So I thought why not waste a perfectly good, old tire!

I cleaned out the tire. Next, I picked up two 2X2 pieces of plywood.

I traced the inside of my tire and used the jig saw to cut the circle out.

And they are certainly far from perfect circles, but hey they worked!

I then sat around for a few days trying to figure out the best way of attaching the wood and just figured tape would work.

I taped the inside of only one side because that's all I could do. Next, I stuffed it with an old king size pillow and then I taped the top.

First, I glued the end down.

Then I sort of coiled the rope around and over the end and glued that down.

And then I kept going...

And going...

And going...

And going...

I think I spent about 6 hours total wrapping the rope. I did it accross three nights and three movies. I used many packs of hot glue and 300 feet of rope.

The total cost was about $23 for three packs of rope, plywood, and glue.

All three cats immediately loved it. Ginger scratched this thing for a long while.

She loved scratching it so much she went all the way around in a circle.

And as soon as Ginger was done, Little Bear came to get his scratch on!

But was quickly annoyed because Ninja had to see what was up.

And after a small fight, Little Bear won his new napping spot.

Super easy, cheap, and a big success!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Foxy's New Dog Bed Cover and How to Cut a Foam Cushion

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

The new coffee table has actually taken up a lot of space that was previously available to things such as Foxy's dog bed. You can read the original post about her dog bed here. After much consideration it just seemed as though Foxy's bed would best be kept small so we could tuck it under the table when it's in the way. And since Foxy's dog bed is the size of a large couch cushion I figured we'd better cut it down to size.

Foxy was available for supervision throughout the entire project. And since the original post wasn't an incredibly helpful tutorial I tried to revamp this one to give a more step by step guide to the sewing.

I measured the cushion, drew a line in sharpie, and then used our electric knife to cut the cushion.

This was super easy and took maybe 30 seconds to cut the entire cushion.

I had some left over fabric so I just used that. I cut the top to fit with an additional inch on each side for hem.

Next, I cut each side, also with an inch extra. Then I pinned to two long sides and sewed those together, followed by the two short sides.

I did the corners next. I actually hate doing corners, they're also so tough to pin and sew. I found a little trick. I took the long sides of the cushion and folded the fabric over where I had just sewn it to the top of the bed. Then I folded the corners up like in the pic above.

Next, I folded the short side up and pinned where the two edges met.

The corners, for the first time in my life, turned out perfectly!!!

Next, I turned the case inside out, pinned the bottom and sewed three sides.

I then stuffed the cushion.

I folded the last edge in and made it as neat as possible.

And I sewed the final edge by hand.

Foxy sat with me the entire time I made her cover but when it was time to take pics she just wanted to play, so I bribed her with a treat to sit on her bed.

I prefer the other fabric, but this cover is sewn much better. Practice! And here it is tucked under the table.

With just enough head room for Foxy to cuddle up!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Another New Mirror

I think I'm done buying mirrors for a while. I guess this is the year of the mirror for me. But I am in love with this mirror, ok you've heard me say that before, but I guess I just love mirrors! I've been searching for a new mirror for above our fireplace for a while. That's a pretty big spot to fill. The old mirror was 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. 

This mirror was $10 off of craigslist and I just added a coat of paint and some push pins. Simple, not the most glamorouse, but I did like it. And I didn't have to stare at a big, blank wall!

But it was definitely time for a change. I saw this mirror on overstock one day, not even looking for a mirror, it popped up on one of those side adds. And then I just couldn't stop thinking about how perfect it would be in my living room. And it is...

The mirror is 3 feet in diameter and was only $100! I was shocked at the price! Usually a mirror like this would be much more expensive! But lucky for me, it wasn't.

It really fills the space quite nicely and the mix of industrial and rusticness (I like to make up words) really go with the look of my living room. And my diningroom, I live in a small condo, you can see the mirror from the table.