Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mother of Pearl Thrift Mirror

So last week I wrote about my new Pier One Mother of Pearl Mirror. Well, the day after posting the blog post I came accross this little copy cat mirror at the thrift store.

The mirror is not big at all, but it is well made. I'm sure it cost the original owner much more than the $4 I paid for it. The vase that had been sitting on my toilet for months and months broke recently, so coincidently this mirror was the perfect size to take it's place. 

The fish are from my great grandmother's house, she had them in her bathroom. When she passed my grandmother hung them in her bathroom and now they're in mine.

I think their so fun! 

The ceramic fish vase was antoher thrift store find for just a few bucks. I'm actually not sure if it's a tea pot or a vase, but it's cute. And the rope vase with the orchid is handmade from our wedding. Just wanted to share my fun little thrifty find with you, what an awesome stroke of luck!!!

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