Monday, January 6, 2014

Living Room Makeover Plans

Warning, this post is long.
Since we moved in we have slowly but surely been working on every room except for our living room, we haven't done a single thing to our living room. Well, that's all about to change. And actually that's a slight exaggeration because I have done a couple of things such as the tree trunk table, which you can view here. And I added some family pics in these frames that I love, love, love.

But you get the point, for a room we spend so much time in, we have done so little to. Here is what we've done so far:
The first thing that needed our attention was our ginormous couch. Over the summer we were going to get the new couch, Eleanor and then that didn't end up happening; which you can read about here. But what we did do was get rid of the chaise section of our current couch, which opened up the room so much more. Immediately, with just this simple change everyone who visited thought the room felt so much bigger and that the flow was infinitly better.

These are the only couch pictures I could find.
Here is a pic or two when I tried to rearrange to make the sofa fit better. (Ignore the mess of cushions and pillows on the floor.)

Still doesn't work, does it? Here's the room now:

Secondly, Foxy's lounging situation needed to be addressed. Foxy always slept on the chaise section of the couch so a new dog bed is in the works.  I'll follow up with that tutorial later this month.

The next thing to be addressed is toys! When you have a toddler your house pretty consistently looks as if you've just been robbed, completely ransacked. Toys are everywhere, in the bathroom, bedrooms, and of course strewn accross the living room. Look I have a whole parking lot of toys in my living room.

So Nick made a toybox, which I painted the base turqoise and the top with chalk paint. And this makes a huge difference in making the room feel uncluttered and clean.

And I got this garden stool that I am absolutely in love with. Seriously, I think I may bring it on our next dinner date instead of the hubby.

And here is what still needs to be checked off our list:
Next, we will be getting a new rug. I like the pattern of our current rug, but the neutral color was a terrible decision with a toddler, dog, and cats. Live and learn. The new rug will be an outdoor rug, which will hopefully be more durable and full of bright colors, so you can't see the dirt.

We are also addressing the big blank wall behind our couch. This wall is 21 feet tall and about 11 feet wide. It's the biggest wall in our home and quite overwhelming when trying to decide what to put on it.

Luckily, that problem was solved for me. My dad and step mom bought us a beautiful painting for our wedding, which when it's up I will definitely post about. Although, the painting did take some effort, Nick and I had to mutually decide on a painting which was no easy task.

We are currently building a new coffee table. The old coffee table was a pleather trunk that was well loved. It's actually still well loved as extra storage in our spare bedroom. The trunk holds all of our video game paraphernalia.

Next, I will be making a new mirror for above the fire place. The current mirror cost me $5. The mirror was free off craigslist and I spent the money on paint and thumb tacs to make it more presentable. I just couldn't stand the blank wall any longer, so for the past year and a half it's served it's purpose.

Now I'm thinking some sort of sunburst mirror to fill this spot.

We will also be replacing the media console. This one functions well, but it's not the prettiest.

And yes that is a bungee cord holding the cupboards shut. Also, yes we still have a functioning VCR with lots of disney classic video tapes.

Some of the problems we are facing is that we don't want to block the fireplace and the tv is pretty stationary where it is. Also, making the room durable and functional enough for a 2 year old boy while still being stylish and adult. I think we're getting there one step at a time. Hopefully, I'll have some updates soon! Let me know what you think?

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