Monday, January 20, 2014

I Finally Have Some Art Above my Couch

There is this huge wall in our living room, 21 feet tall and 11 feet wide. The back of our couch is on this wall, but other than that this wall has sat empty. And let me tell you a wall of this size can be very overwhelming. It's really big and no matter what you put on it, it always seems too small. So we went big, I mean really big. Our painting is approximately, 5 feet wide and 4 feet tall (frame included in this measurement.) But, we are now the proud owners of an original Nan Rae painting.

Who is Nan Rae some of you may ask? Nan Rae is a "internationally exhibited chinese brush artist." She has a wonderful website in which you can purchase greeting cards, prints, etc. And she recently collaborated with Crate and Barrel for a "Study in Ink Print."
You can view Nan's website here.
You can view Nan's "Study in Ink Print" here.

I got to know Nan a little bit through this process and she is such a lovely lady and just a genuine human being. I meet lovely people all the time, but I find I meet genuine people less and less. I am thrilled to own such a beautiful piece of art and to have gotten to know such a wonderful lady in the process.

Anyways, enough jibber jabber, let's admire this beauty one more time before ending this post.

The living room is definitely coming together! Stay tuned for more updates!

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