Monday, January 13, 2014

Foxy's New Dog Bed

Well, Eleanor wasn't a total loss, aside from the experience, I kept one of the sofa cushions.  Foxy, our dog, became accustomed to sleeping on the cushion as if it was her bed. She had a dog bed once, but unfortunately, our cats took it over so I decided to keep the cushion and make a new cover for her.

I actually forgot to take any during photos, so I'll just give you a basic run down of what I did, interspersed with cute Foxy pics.

I picked up two yards of fabric. I cut out the top and bottom of the cushion, with an extra two inches on every side. Then I cut out the four sides. I sewed three sides to the top (the two long sides and one of the shorter sides). Then I sewed the same three sides to the bottom.

Next, I shoved, yes shoved, the cushion into the cover and pinned the fourth side. I used the machine to sew one of the longer seams, and again shoved the cushion inside the cover.

I hand sewed the rest of the three seams. I think it turned out pretty good. And Foxy still loves to cuddle up on the cushion.

All in all I consider this a great success!

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