Monday, December 2, 2013

Sock Monkey Birthday Party

We are recovering from quite a week over here: Jakey's birthday and Thanksgiving! I thought I'd share his first birthday with you as we catch up a bit! Last year we threw Jakey a sock monkey party. The party decor was pretty simple, but super fun to put together.
I ordered the balloons on Amazon for half the price and paid 10 cents per balloon to have them blown up. I ended up saving quite a few bucks.

The pinwheels all said Jakey's First Birthday!

I used plain brown recycled paper to wrap his gifts and added ribbon and sock monkey tags to match the theme. We used his toy box as the gift station.

I bought a barrel of monkey's and added them to the cups for extra fun.

I painted wood scraps with chalk paint and attached them to the jars with ribbon.

Above our slider we had a 12 month timeline of Jakey's first year; using clothespins and computer made labels for each month.

The party favors were just candy. I used popcorn containers for the favors.

My credenza worked as the party favor/card station.

I attached balloons to his high chair and decided on a giant cupcake instead of a mini cake. Jakey loved it!

Including food and drinks I'd say we spent about $60 on Jakey's first birthday party! Most of the decor was handmade or pre-owned. We used coupons for everything we didn't own. It was a great party and a great day! Hopefully, this year will be even better!

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