Monday, December 30, 2013

Most Popular Posts of 2013

I hope all of you are relaxing and enjoying the rest of the holiday season. I know ours has been hectic, but fun hectic. I just wanted to give you a look at the five most popular posts of the year chosen by you and then I'll give you a look at my top five favorite projects of 2013.

#5 Tree Trunk Table
I love this table and honestly it's one of my favorite pieces in my house. And for the minimal effort that this porject took, it was totally worth it!

#4 Driftwood Heart Wreath
This heart wreath was originally my hubby's idea. I saw one in a magazine or something and he suggested I make one. I'm so glad that he did!

#3 Driftwood and Seashell Wreath
This was a spur of the moment idea and probably the most favored by visitors to my home. Although, that could also be because it's right on the front door!

#2 Removing Rust
I was surprised you guys liked this post so much. It's definitely a great tip at a great cost!

#1 Preserving Driftwood
I was also surprised by how much you guys liked this post. I guess theres a lot more driftwood artists out there than I anticipated.

My top five:

#5 Jakey's Art Wall
I love this project because it was so inexpensive, easy, and now I get to see my son's art all the time!

#4 Evil Knievel's Big Wheel
This project was so fun because I got to work on a big wheel! I got to pimp it out for my son and now I get to watch him pretty much daily take it for a spin!

#3 Farm House Dining Table
I loved working on this project with my hubby, this is the first piece we built together from scratch. We get to have a family meal every night on a beautiful table we built ourselves!

#2 DIY Army Tri-Pod Lamp
This light was just so much fun! I still like to admire it whenever I'm in Jakey's room, which is daily!

#1 DIY Woodworker's Dresser
This is probably my favorite piece of furniture in the whole house! I've never done anything like this before and it turned out beautifully!

Have a wonderful New Year's and be safe! I'll see you back here in about a week with some really exciting stuff!!!!

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