Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lorax Birthday Party

For the better part of a year now Jakey has been obsessed with the Lorax. And I mean obsessed!!! The hubby and I have that movie memorized and can quite literally quote it back and forth to each other. So we decided for his second birthday it should be Lorax themed. Funny thing is that within the last three weeks before his birthday he hasn't watched the Lorax once. Not a single time, he's all about dinosaurs these days, oh well. The party was still a success.

We didn't have the party at home this year. We had his first birthday at home and that was great. You can read all about his first birthday here. But there were a few reasons we didn't want the party at home this year: the first being he's a toddler now and so are all of his friends. We thought it'd be easier to not have a group of toddlers all hopped up on cake  running crazy throughout our house. Secondly, even though the party was great last year our house is a bit cramped with lots of people so we thought it'd be nice to find a more open location.

Being born in November sort of limits the outdoors as a party location. We live at the beach, but it's cold in November and windy and sometimes rainy. You just never know what you're going to get. After not much deliberation we decided to have the party at Nick's Uncle's gymnastics gym. Did you get that? Lol, Nick's Uncle owns a gym called California Cartwheel Center and we opted to throw the party there. I highly recommend them if anyone in the So. Cal area is interested. Anyways, now that I've bore you all to tears here's how the party went down.

The Happy Birthday Banner and the Photo Timeline of the year.

Lorax Mustache Straws.

It's really hard to get photos of kids jumping around on trampolines!

For party favors I filled seed cups with smashed up oreos and gummy worms with the Lorax's tagline!

One of Jakey's favorite gifts was this three foot dinosaur. He dragged it around the gym everywhere, even on the trampoline.

Later that night we did presents at home!

Jake's second birthday was a huge success! I'm super happy we had it at the gym and will probably go that route again next year!!! Happy Birthday Jakey!!!

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