Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to make a Handprint Calendar

This was such a fun gift to make!!! Not only did we make one calendar, but we made five!!! That's right, five! One for each set of grandparents and one for me and the hubby of course! Jakey didn't care he had so much fun making them. I did one month at a time. For istance, we did all of January and then he got to paint whatever he wanted; the next week we did all of February and so on.

January: Snowflake

February: Heart

March: Shamrock

April: Easter Chicks

May: Flowers
May was the cleanest. I think May was so clean because it was pink and it washed up quickly. 

June: Butterfly

July: Catepillar

August: Fish

September: AutumnTree

October: Spider
October was the messiest. The black paint for the spider in October lasted a while and we took two baths before getting the paint to completely disappear. 

November: Turkey
November was the hardest. November took some skill because I did the palm first, waited a day for it to dry, followed by each finger.

December: Christmas Wreath
December was the easiest. December was the easiest because it was all one color and the last one that we did. I think by the time we got to December Jakey was an old pro at figuring out that where he should put his hand print.

I just printed out a blank calendar without any dates, that way the calendar can be used over and over again. I punched holes in each page and used some ribbon to tie it together. Eventually, I'd like to laminate mine, but it's sort of expensive, about $50.

This would be a great mother's/father's day gift too! Happy painting!

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