Saturday, December 21, 2013

How to Make Burlap Trees Like Target Sells...

 I saw some really cute trees made out of burlap at Target. But they were $9.99 for a small and even more for a large. So I of course, made my own. For $13, I was able to make five!!! Three larger ones and two smaller ones.

I bought everything for the cones at the dollar store. I found five 6 inch cones and three of these green things that I glued three cones on top of.

Next, I cut lots and lots and lots of small petals out of burlap. I think this took me two nap times. Then I glued them to the cone in a random pattern.

I cut a square for the top.

Finally, I used some spray adhesive and glitter for snow.

And now these guys are a part of my table top decor. I'll show you the finished table top in just a few days!!! I'm excited!!!

It's incredibly hard to see the glitter on them in the photos.

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