Sunday, December 15, 2013

Easy to Make Rustic Woodland Christmas Ornaments and Did I Mention Free???

I've had these wood slices sitting around since last May. I was going to do another project with them, but I ended up going a different way entirely. So that left these wood slices just sitting in the drawer. Well, as I was pulling out the Christmas decor I came accross them and wondered if I should make ornaments out of them. They then sat on my table for a few weeks before I finally got around to the project this past week. I don't know why I had them sitting for so long, this project took me about half an hour, one episode of Modern Family and they look great!

I simply took these wood slices and drilled a hole in them.

Next, I added a piece of twine. During the stringing process I had some help...

(Are you surprised it's not Jakey? Well he was napping, otherwise this would not have been a half an hour project!)

Finally, I added them to our small tree and our big tree. I only have pics of the small tree as of right now! But they look great on both!

This is an easy and free way to add some rustic touches to your tree!!! Enjoy!!!

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