Monday, December 30, 2013

Most Popular Posts of 2013

I hope all of you are relaxing and enjoying the rest of the holiday season. I know ours has been hectic, but fun hectic. I just wanted to give you a look at the five most popular posts of the year chosen by you and then I'll give you a look at my top five favorite projects of 2013.

#5 Tree Trunk Table
I love this table and honestly it's one of my favorite pieces in my house. And for the minimal effort that this porject took, it was totally worth it!

#4 Driftwood Heart Wreath
This heart wreath was originally my hubby's idea. I saw one in a magazine or something and he suggested I make one. I'm so glad that he did!

#3 Driftwood and Seashell Wreath
This was a spur of the moment idea and probably the most favored by visitors to my home. Although, that could also be because it's right on the front door!

#2 Removing Rust
I was surprised you guys liked this post so much. It's definitely a great tip at a great cost!

#1 Preserving Driftwood
I was also surprised by how much you guys liked this post. I guess theres a lot more driftwood artists out there than I anticipated.

My top five:

#5 Jakey's Art Wall
I love this project because it was so inexpensive, easy, and now I get to see my son's art all the time!

#4 Evil Knievel's Big Wheel
This project was so fun because I got to work on a big wheel! I got to pimp it out for my son and now I get to watch him pretty much daily take it for a spin!

#3 Farm House Dining Table
I loved working on this project with my hubby, this is the first piece we built together from scratch. We get to have a family meal every night on a beautiful table we built ourselves!

#2 DIY Army Tri-Pod Lamp
This light was just so much fun! I still like to admire it whenever I'm in Jakey's room, which is daily!

#1 DIY Woodworker's Dresser
This is probably my favorite piece of furniture in the whole house! I've never done anything like this before and it turned out beautifully!

Have a wonderful New Year's and be safe! I'll see you back here in about a week with some really exciting stuff!!!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to make a Handprint Calendar

This was such a fun gift to make!!! Not only did we make one calendar, but we made five!!! That's right, five! One for each set of grandparents and one for me and the hubby of course! Jakey didn't care he had so much fun making them. I did one month at a time. For istance, we did all of January and then he got to paint whatever he wanted; the next week we did all of February and so on.

January: Snowflake

February: Heart

March: Shamrock

April: Easter Chicks

May: Flowers
May was the cleanest. I think May was so clean because it was pink and it washed up quickly. 

June: Butterfly

July: Catepillar

August: Fish

September: AutumnTree

October: Spider
October was the messiest. The black paint for the spider in October lasted a while and we took two baths before getting the paint to completely disappear. 

November: Turkey
November was the hardest. November took some skill because I did the palm first, waited a day for it to dry, followed by each finger.

December: Christmas Wreath
December was the easiest. December was the easiest because it was all one color and the last one that we did. I think by the time we got to December Jakey was an old pro at figuring out that where he should put his hand print.

I just printed out a blank calendar without any dates, that way the calendar can be used over and over again. I punched holes in each page and used some ribbon to tie it together. Eventually, I'd like to laminate mine, but it's sort of expensive, about $50.

This would be a great mother's/father's day gift too! Happy painting!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How I Decorated my Christmas Tabletop 2013

I bet you're dying to find out what I did with those burlap trees....

I used them for my table decor!!! 

I utilized our credenza as a little bar/goodie area.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!! And I'll be back after Christmas with tutorials for some of the gifts I DIY'ed.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

What To Do With Christmas Cards?

I hope your holiday season is going great! Mine has been a bit side tracked. I got sick, twice! Actually, I'm still getting over it. It's been five days this week of not being able to breath! I hope this goes away tomorrow! So because I've been sick, twice! I've fallen behind on projects. I had every intention of getting these last few posts up earlier, it just didn't happen for me! So if you have last minute decorating you need to do you can use these tutorials. Or you can pin for next year!

I simply strung some left over burlap to my cupboards.

Then I sprayed some clothes pins with spray adhesive and added some snow. Actually, glitter, but for Christmas it'll be snow.

Then I hung my cards.

Simple, easy, and pretty!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How to Make Burlap Trees Like Target Sells...

 I saw some really cute trees made out of burlap at Target. But they were $9.99 for a small and even more for a large. So I of course, made my own. For $13, I was able to make five!!! Three larger ones and two smaller ones.

I bought everything for the cones at the dollar store. I found five 6 inch cones and three of these green things that I glued three cones on top of.

Next, I cut lots and lots and lots of small petals out of burlap. I think this took me two nap times. Then I glued them to the cone in a random pattern.

I cut a square for the top.

Finally, I used some spray adhesive and glitter for snow.

And now these guys are a part of my table top decor. I'll show you the finished table top in just a few days!!! I'm excited!!!

It's incredibly hard to see the glitter on them in the photos.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Make Faux Snow

Growing up in southern California I don't get to see snow too often. In fact, living here my entire life I can count on two fingers how many times it's snowed where I live. Around christmas time a person really starts to crave the snow (and yes I can easily say this because I've never lived in snow). So this year I decided to make my own.

This is an easy, easy, easy project and can probably be done for free with things you have lying around your house!!! I used a needle and thread to string cotton balls. After one, two, or three cotton balls I tied a knot and moved down the line. I highly recommend doing this while watching your favorite Christmas movie, because although this is super easy, it does get a bit tedious and boring. But the end result is oh so worth it!!! 

I added a couple of snowflakes I had lying around to spice up the window. But you can get lots of different types of snowflakes from the dollar store.

My son loves to walk by the window and point out the snow.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Easy to Make Rustic Woodland Christmas Ornaments and Did I Mention Free???

I've had these wood slices sitting around since last May. I was going to do another project with them, but I ended up going a different way entirely. So that left these wood slices just sitting in the drawer. Well, as I was pulling out the Christmas decor I came accross them and wondered if I should make ornaments out of them. They then sat on my table for a few weeks before I finally got around to the project this past week. I don't know why I had them sitting for so long, this project took me about half an hour, one episode of Modern Family and they look great!

I simply took these wood slices and drilled a hole in them.

Next, I added a piece of twine. During the stringing process I had some help...

(Are you surprised it's not Jakey? Well he was napping, otherwise this would not have been a half an hour project!)

Finally, I added them to our small tree and our big tree. I only have pics of the small tree as of right now! But they look great on both!

This is an easy and free way to add some rustic touches to your tree!!! Enjoy!!!