Sunday, November 3, 2013

Updates to Tree Trunk Table...

So I have been in love with my tree trunk table ever since I finished it a few months ago. You can view the original post here. But there has been one major probelm with's unlevel!! This has made the table impossible to utilize. Any decor that's added sits crooked, or slides off. Also, if it was leaned on in one certain spot it would tip over and we didn't want any smashed toes, especially the kiddo's toes! So my hubby made a few adjustments to level it out and make it more sturdy.

First, he added a fourth caster to help keep it sturdy. Then he took a piece of plywood and layed it on the four casters with a level on top.

 Next, he took some scrap wood and added thicker or thinner pieces until it was level.

And finally he simply screwed the blocks of wood on in between the casters and the tree trunk (the blocks of wood acted as washers).

And now we have a way more functional and LEVEL, tree trunk table that won't tip over!


  1. Really nice! I'm going to use a piece of trunk as a table on my front porch. Thanks for the tips in this and earlier post.

    1. Awesome, glad I could help!!! Good luck and enjoy your table!

  2. I did this but to level mine I made a frame out of 2x4 an use a router with a straight bit to level the surface.