Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Gifts For Lovers XOXO

My, oh my!!! I have had sooo many wonderful guest bloggers this month and am super excited to introduce yet another awesomely talented and pretty lady! My good friend Carinne is so incredibly talented that I jumped at the chance to have her as a guest blogger!!! She's sharing some wonderful and  thrifty gift ideas with us! And what I love most is these gifts aren't just for Christmas, you can truly give them to anyone at any time of the year! 

Hey House at the Harbor followers! Like many of you, I feel so lucky to know Melissa and I just love to see her share her many talents. She inspires me. I am sure she inspires you too. I hope to add a little scoop of inspiration to her sandy harbor...Honey, Let's Grow Old Together! XOXO 

The Holidays are almost here and before you know it - Cupid will be shooting arrows! Let's face it - Life is expensive. Unless you are Athina Onassis you are probably not going to buy your husband a $285,000 cow (yes that really happened). So, if we are going to grow old together we had better start adopting some thrifty habits! I hope the following activity inspires you to make something for someone you love...

*1 sheet of Art paper (or paper you like) 
*Cheap frame or shadow box (5 inch by 7 inch work best for this)
*Stickers - Letters A thru Z
*Pennies or old game pieces
*Ketchup or tabasco sauce (to clean your pennies)

Select two pennies one from the year each of you and your lover were born. 

If needed clean the pennies with a small amount of ketchup (use caution if you use tabasco sauce - wear gloves if you touch it! Your eyes will thank me). The acid in the tomatoes cleans the pennies! Submerge in a small dish, scrub if needed, then rinse with hot water. 

Cut your art paper so it will fit into the frame you selected. 

Use the letter stickers to spell "You and me forever makes cents." 
Then attach the two pennies near you words. Secure paper in frame and you are done!

Use game pieces - use pieces with numbers to display your wedding date (example Rummikub in photo). 

Alter cards - use photos and glue them onto and old playing cards. Add your faces to the King Queen and/or Joker.
Use old puzzle pieces and write "You complete me." 
Legos - select two legos, glue them in a hand drawn heart, and write "I won't lego." 

I hope you all enjoy the gift giving process this year and forever more! Happy Holidays Everyone!!! xoxo, Carinne Baltzer

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