Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Decor 2013

This post is pretty straight forward, no projects, just Halloween Decorations. It's always been so much fun to decorate for holidays especially Halloween, I figured I'd share.
My mantle is the main focal point...

I used earthquake puddy to attach the scorpions to the wall and mirror.

To the left of my mantle is my back sliding door, which currently has vertical blinds (yes I know, not my ideal, but they get the job done). Anyways, they have this valance on top that I thought would be fun to perch a bunch of crows on top of. Very hitchcocky!

All the crows are from the dollar store, which saved a bunch of money. In fact, most of the decor is from the dollar store or thrift store. I try to collect at least one new decoration every year; this year was my vultures that you saw in the last post here.

And below my tv is my grave yard:

And I thought I would just include a pic of my black cat because well, it is Halloween. She's actually rarely out in the open and when she is she's far too skittish to get a good pic. But she just so happened to be hanging out, while I was taking the pics for this post.

I hope you have a great time decorating you're house for Halloween too!!!

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