Monday, October 7, 2013

From Garbage to Garden Stool

This must be my month for dumpster diving! (Actually, I got the barstools in early summer, just didn't post about them until now). And I don't actually dive into dumpsters, in fact I've never even been inside a dumpster and hopefully never will. But I did come accross this beauty next to someone's garbage can.

Ok, so it started as a not so beauty but there's definite potential there. As I pulled over to pick it up the woman getting rid of it was actually watering her flowers so I asked if I could have it? As I had hoped she responded "That piece of junk, sure all yours." It looks like this stool was originally yellow and then someone painted it gold, but kept it outside? Who knows??
So I brought this baby home, hosed it off, because there were actually a lot of spider webs and dirt on it. The pic above is post hosing, trust me you didn't want to see the dirty stool that I actually brought into my car. After hosing it down I realized there was a crack on one side. That's ok, I'll try to fill it and if it breaks, it breaks. Heck it's FREE, no loss really on my part.

I gave it a good sanding and filled in the crack with some wood filler. Why wood filler? Because it was all I had and actually it worked pretty darn well.

I sanded the stool again after filling the crack with wood filler and then painted it silver. I used Rustoleum's Metallic silver spray paint.

Not too bad for free. 

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