Saturday, October 26, 2013

Painted Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is fun! Every kid should carve a pumpkin at least once. But because my kiddo is still a bit young to be trusted with a carving knife, we opted to have him paint his pumpkins instead. We still went to the pumpkin patch, well actually that's sort of a lie. I say sort of because we went to a Harvest Festival with some of our best friends. And they had all sorts of fun, crafty booths, good food, and rides for the kiddos. Jakey went down this huge slide!

And they did have pumpkins at the festival, but they were way over-priced and kind of small. So we decided we were going to go pick some up locally that week at a patch. Well, the next day we found pumpkins for pretty cheap at the grocery store and Jakey decided he was going to pose on the pumpkins for some pics.

You can't even really tell the difference between the store and a patch, aside from the Ralph's sign, lol. I figure the two experiences together equate to a pumpkin patch experience! We got the pumpkins home, laid out some paper and got to work with the paints.

Jakey Loved every minute of it! And here is the final result!

I'm so happy we decided to paint the pumpkins, Jakey definitely had more fun painting the pumpkins, instead of watching us carve them for him! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Decor 2013

This post is pretty straight forward, no projects, just Halloween Decorations. It's always been so much fun to decorate for holidays especially Halloween, I figured I'd share.
My mantle is the main focal point...

I used earthquake puddy to attach the scorpions to the wall and mirror.

To the left of my mantle is my back sliding door, which currently has vertical blinds (yes I know, not my ideal, but they get the job done). Anyways, they have this valance on top that I thought would be fun to perch a bunch of crows on top of. Very hitchcocky!

All the crows are from the dollar store, which saved a bunch of money. In fact, most of the decor is from the dollar store or thrift store. I try to collect at least one new decoration every year; this year was my vultures that you saw in the last post here.

And below my tv is my grave yard:

And I thought I would just include a pic of my black cat because well, it is Halloween. She's actually rarely out in the open and when she is she's far too skittish to get a good pic. But she just so happened to be hanging out, while I was taking the pics for this post.

I hope you have a great time decorating you're house for Halloween too!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Vulture Halloween Decor

I spotted this cute Halloween vulture at Michaels and had to snatch him right up for Halloween. I also saw this bird cage sitting in the clearance section, so I grabbed that too.

I came home spray painted the cage black, grabbed a stick from outside, and now my cute little vulture has a home on my dining room table every halloween. Cute, easy, and cheap, Can it get any better than that?!?!

After this guy turned out so well, I decided to make another one! And while I was at the store I grabbed a smaller bird cage on sale for a penny!!! That's right a penny! So I gave that cage the same black spray paint treatment and stuck a spooly spider in there.

I'm loving my new spooky Halloween decor!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

From Garbage to Garden Stool

This must be my month for dumpster diving! (Actually, I got the barstools in early summer, just didn't post about them until now). And I don't actually dive into dumpsters, in fact I've never even been inside a dumpster and hopefully never will. But I did come accross this beauty next to someone's garbage can.

Ok, so it started as a not so beauty but there's definite potential there. As I pulled over to pick it up the woman getting rid of it was actually watering her flowers so I asked if I could have it? As I had hoped she responded "That piece of junk, sure all yours." It looks like this stool was originally yellow and then someone painted it gold, but kept it outside? Who knows??
So I brought this baby home, hosed it off, because there were actually a lot of spider webs and dirt on it. The pic above is post hosing, trust me you didn't want to see the dirty stool that I actually brought into my car. After hosing it down I realized there was a crack on one side. That's ok, I'll try to fill it and if it breaks, it breaks. Heck it's FREE, no loss really on my part.

I gave it a good sanding and filled in the crack with some wood filler. Why wood filler? Because it was all I had and actually it worked pretty darn well.

I sanded the stool again after filling the crack with wood filler and then painted it silver. I used Rustoleum's Metallic silver spray paint.

Not too bad for free.