Saturday, September 21, 2013

You Will Be Missed...

At first I wasn't going to write this, but then as I thought about it I realized I have had lots of projects that didn't work out. And if I only wrote about the ones that came out nicely all the time that would only be half the truth.

So here goes....I have decided to stop 75% of the way through on Eleanor. I'm not quite giving up the sofa because of the difficulty, it's a combination of things.

For one, we decided on getting rid of just one portion of our sectional instead of replacing it. This decision was made before work on Eleanor stopped. The decision for this is because we still wanted more than three seats in the living room and the comfort of our current sectional, which is the most comfortable couch alive. Second, we don't have to worry about ruining our current couch with Jakey and Foxy running around. It's pretty ruin-impossible as many many things have been spilled and it's always washed out. How this happens I don't know, but it does.

Second, getting rid of just the chaise part of the couch opens up the entire living room and gives us access to the other half that we didn't have access to before which entirely solves our space issue.

(After making these two decisions I was going to finish Eleanor and put her up on craigslist, well that didn't work out as planned. The upholstery part was great and I enjoyed every minute of it, the sewing on the other hand was frustrating me and given these last two reasons, on top of the frustration, I opted out of this project.)

We needed the space in our garage. Having a big project like Eleanor, or the dining table, or any big piece of furniture takes up half our garage. With two cars, a motorcycle, a kayak, storage, and toys this is valuable space and it make living hard day to day to have a several month project like that.

And lastly, I'll be starting back at school in two weeks!!! That means I will have less time for projects which means I don't want to do projects that I find unenjoyable or frustrating; don't we all have enough stress in our life? And that also means Eleanor would be in our garage even longer!

I am a little disappointed that I wasn't able to finish Eleanor, but am happy for the experience gained; especially in the sewing area. And once I do have the space, time, and patience, I will once again tackle another Eleanor! And so is life some projects work out and some don't. C'est La Vie!

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  1. Bye bye Eleanor. You gave many of us a good ride. You will be missed.