Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY Coral Decor

Have you ever flipped through a Pottery Barn catalog and seen the pretty coral they have decorating most of their bookcases and night stands? Well they sell the coral, but it’s way out of my price range. And yes I do live at the beach so things like sea shells, driftwood, and sand dollars are a dime a dozen, however, you’re lucky if their not broken. I have yet to find a sand dollar that’s not broken. But I have never found coral washed up on shore.

Luckily, I recently participated in a multi-home garage sale at my best friend’s mom’s house and came across a shoe box of old coral. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be shopping at our own garage sale, but I couldn’t help myself! And this box of coral didn’t come out of my house, it came from my friend’s mom and I sold a bunch of my junk treasures so therefore, I feel justified.

The coral was not in the best shape, but also not in bad shape. I glued a few pieces back together. There were I think actually missing pieces and I couldn’t find the spot where these pieces broke off so I just randomly glued them where I thought they fit best.

Next, I spray painted the pieces off-white. Even the ones that were already white, I just wanted to freshen them up. You can’t even tell some pieces were glues on and that others were broken off. And now I have pretty coral decor.

I know I was lucky to stumble upon this box, but you could probably buy some off of craigslist or even your local pet store for cheaper than some of the home stores and just spray paint them whatever color you want.

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