Monday, September 16, 2013

Art Wall Update

Jakey loves to produce art. And when I say "loves" I really mean LOVES. He is constantly coloring or painting new masterpieces for me. Originally we had just hung a string along the top of the wall in the office and were using clothes pins to hang his art.

This was ok.

It was free.
It's easily interchangeable.
We could hang multiple pieces at one time.

The artwork always seemed too cramped so you couldn't really appreciate one masterpiece at a time.
It was really high up at the top of the wall so you had to stretch to see the art.
The only string I had at the time was hot pink, which doesn't match any thing else in the office and seemed out of place.

All in all this just wasn't working for me anymore. One day while perusing the dollar tree I came accross some clipboards and thought these would be perfect to replace the string and clothes pins. So after a snip of the scissors and some nails in the wall. We have a new art wall.

Ok so it was more expensive than the string with clothespins (which was free because I had everything on hand), but it was still only $9. Now Jake's art is orderly and much easier to appreciate one at a time. It's not on the ceiling and still easily interchangeable. All wins. I'm happy with the results and I feel like the office looks a bit more organized now.


  1. Clever idea Melissa! I love how easy this is and it's organized on the wall. Very cool.

    1. Thanks so much!!! I'm very happy with the result and best of all I can keep switching up the art work with each newly created masterpiece! I hope you stop by again soon!