Monday, August 5, 2013

Wedding Programs

My mom was so helpful with the wedding stuff. She actually made my programs, name cards, and anything that had to be printed! So I asked her if she could do a couple of guest posts and she happily agreed. This is the first guest post from my mom...

Since I live in another State I wanted to creatively be a part of my daughter’s wedding, so I decided to create her wedding program. I incorporated her wedding colors into the program, black and hot pink which are colors that work well together. I felt the style of the program should be traditional so I decided black ink on white paper for the cover.

Most wedding programs have the bride and groom’s name on the front cover, but I wanted to include my grandson Jacob in the program. I thought I would incorporate him by letting him make the announcement of his parents’ wedding, thus creating a sense of uniting a family together.

For the front cover design, I used a rubber stamp with three intertwined hearts. This represents Melissa, Nick and Jacob. I added a small pink rhinestone on the third heart.

The inside of the program would be pink paper with black ink. On the left side I listed all the family members of the bride and groom. On the right side I listed all the wedding party along with their titles. I also included any family members that had passed away. As I researched this on my computer, I found a beautiful phrase to include our passed loved ones and still make the program fun and festive.

The back cover had a short Irish poem from Melissa, Nick and Jakey. This was their way of thanking everyone for their love and support. To hold the program together I used a black ribbon tied into a bow.

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