Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wedding Aboard The Belle

I recently got married to the most wonderful man in the world. And I had the wedding of my dreams. I was married aboard a riverboat named the Scarlett Belle, which is a hand built boat in the Channel Islands Harbor. The boat has these really pretty giant red wheels, that don't actually push the boat, but they do spin while the boat is cruising, giving the illusion that they are pushing the boat. The boat actually goes on a four hour cruise and we were married right off the shore at sunset.

Not only is the boat just a gorgeous and romantic setting to have your wedding, the coordinator, GJ, could not have made my wedding any less stressful, easy, and fun! GJ works for the owner's of the Scarlett Belle who are also very nice people. And because this is such a specialized wedding venue, the Coordinator at the Belle gives you the option to use their own vendors, which I ended up doing. Their vendors were no more or less expensive than any other vendor and they had all worked together previously so I figured this would be the best bet. Actually, the florist was a bit more expensive, but I ended up getting a discount for the flowers because I mentioned that, so I can't complain! The caterer was amazing, pretty much everyone was in agreement that this was the best wedding food they had ever had!

 The coordinator was on top of things; he did not make this event any more stressful and even made it a point to have fun while we were planning. He did an awesome job and I wish everyone could be as lucky as I was to work with such a wonderful coordinator. Even throughout the wedding he was very much on top of every detail, from the music, to the set up and take down of chairs/tables/etc., to pointing out to our photographer the best picture locations he knew of.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Channel Islands, Ca be sure to check out the Scarlette Belle, they do all sorts of events onboard all year long and it's definitly worth a visit:

PS. This post is not sponsored by the Scarlette Belle, I just wanted to recommend them because they did such a great job with my wedding!

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