Monday, August 19, 2013

Upholstery, The Beginning...

Since I've been busy working on Eleanor and have not had an update in a little while I thought you might be curious to take a look back at some of my past upholstery projects. I did these projects over the last ten years and do not have before pictures for two of them. In fact, I only have pictures of three upholstery projects, so I'll just show you those. I wish I knew ten years ago about this blog. I would have hundreds if not thousands of posts already!!!

This is the first piece of furniture I ever upholstered. I bought this chaise off of craigslist and I also believe this was the first time I made the hubby travel accross town for a junky piece of furniture. I did this back in 2006. So when I first got this chaise it was a tanish/brown faux pleathery material. It had lots of cracks and was just all around in bad shape. I got the fabric on sale from Joann's and really just had at it. I literally did this project non-stop for two days. In the end I was very happy with the result. The chaise held up for several years before I sold it. I honestly probably wouldn't have ever sold it if we had the room for it. I was and still am very proud of my craftsmandship on this piece.

That whole apartment was full of really fun DIY's, but unfortunately like I said, I have no pics of any of them. 

Moving on. I had left over fabric from the chaise so I decided to transform my one and only barstool from that apartment as well. This bar stool had been reupholstered once before, by someone my mom had hired. Then when my mom moved she gave the barstool to me. If I remember correctly the color of the fabric was a shade of golden brown.

And finally, the only one I have before and after pics of is a dining room chair. I redid the whole set. I sold this set after we built our farmhouse table.  Here is the before:

And the after:

There you have it. Three past upholstery projects. The chaise remains the largest project up until Eleanor. I've mainly just done chairs. Lots and lots of chairs. Hopefully, I'll have an Eleanor update soon!


  1. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. This looks great! I'd love to try my hand at upholstery some day! :)

    1. Thanks so much for visiting me! I am so honored! And thanks for the kind words!