Friday, August 9, 2013

Nautical Rope Vase

These vases held the flowers on the tables at our wedding. Our wedding was on a riverboat so we wanted to tie in some nautical pieces to our decor. These vases were super easy to make, although I got a horrible glue gun blister on my thumb making all eleven in one sitting.

I got the rope from Lowes. I used six feet sections. 

First, I emptied a bunch of soup cans. Actually, I started to save soup cans weeks before as we used them for dinner. Then I spray painted a coat of dark brown on all the cans, just in case some of the can showed through the rope. 

After spray painting I used my trusty glue gun to glue the rope around the vase. I started at the bottom and continued around until I got to the top. Some of the vase showed at the bottom, but that was okay with me. 

Also, I was kinda annoyed because not all of the six feet sections were six feet, a few of them were too long which was ok, but like three of them were too short, which really annoyed me. I didn’t have the time to go back to the store and point that out, so they just had to do. So for the most part I was happy with them, but if you decide to make a bunch check the rope lengths before starting.

In the end, they were beautiful, and the flowers looked beautiful inside the vases. 

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