Monday, August 26, 2013

Nautical Knot Party Favors

Another guest post from my mom...

Melissa thought it would be a cute idea to put a piece of twine on each dinner plate along with instructions on how to tie a nautical knot. This way the guests would not be bored while waiting for dinner. So I googled nautical knots and came up with a set of instructions for 5 different knots.

I printed the written instructions on one page followed by the diagrams on the second page. Then I hole punched the two pages and tied them together with ribbon. I tied all but 11 of them with pink ribbon.

The last 11 I tied with black ribbon, I did this because we decided that whoever sat at the place setting with the black ribbon would win the centerpiece.

Melissa followed the instructions for the knots and tied 100 knots. That way we could put each piece of twine, tied in the appropriate knot, on each place setting.

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