Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monkey Ball Knot

These knots were a part of the centerpieces on the table. 

When I got the idea for these knots I started to research tutorials and each one stated this was the hardest knot there was to learn. A monkey knot is used when you need to throw a line...I don’t know...somewhere. The monkey ball adds weight to the end of the rope to help throw it. Well these knots have a lot of steps, so I put Nick on the task. We had to make eleven of these. Nick followed this basic tutorial

And once he had practiced once or twice and got the knot down he had an ingenious idea to make a knot tying station in our garage to aide in the knot tying. Here is Nick tying all of the knots. 

Each knot required twelve feet of rope. Inside each knot is a tennis ball that was spray painted brown, just in case any piece of it could be seen between the rope. 

And once poor Nick was done he had two rope splinters, but to me the splinters were well worth it!!! Maybe not to Nick, but he was happy I was happy!

The monkey knots were a big hit and we gave them away as a game. Everyone who got one was really excited and lots of people were disappointed they didn't win one. We ended up giving the extras we had away to friends and family who really really wanted one. Although, I of course kept one for myself!

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