Saturday, August 31, 2013

Now on Instagram...

I hope you are having an awesome labor day weekend so far, I know I am. I just wanted to pop in and let you know I am now on instagram. If you click on the instagram link on the right hand side of the screen (scroll down until you see it appear) you can start to follow me. Now I'll let you get back to your labor day festivities. Have fun!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Nautical Knot Party Favors

Another guest post from my mom...

Melissa thought it would be a cute idea to put a piece of twine on each dinner plate along with instructions on how to tie a nautical knot. This way the guests would not be bored while waiting for dinner. So I googled nautical knots and came up with a set of instructions for 5 different knots.

I printed the written instructions on one page followed by the diagrams on the second page. Then I hole punched the two pages and tied them together with ribbon. I tied all but 11 of them with pink ribbon.

The last 11 I tied with black ribbon, I did this because we decided that whoever sat at the place setting with the black ribbon would win the centerpiece.

Melissa followed the instructions for the knots and tied 100 knots. That way we could put each piece of twine, tied in the appropriate knot, on each place setting.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bridesmaids Gifts

Nick knew right away what to get his groomsmen as gifts for our wedding. I on the other hand sat around for months trying to come up with ideas. Around this time I was talking with my bridesmaids about the idea of starting this blog and all of them had mentioned how they wanted me to make them something crafty at some point. So I made my bridesmaid gifts. I made each of them a driftwood heart wreath. You can view that tutorial here! All the bridesmaids loved their gifts and can I just say I had the best bridesmaids in the world from all the preparations they all made before the wedding to the post wedding coffee!!! You ladies thought of everything!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Upholstery, The Beginning...

Since I've been busy working on Eleanor and have not had an update in a little while I thought you might be curious to take a look back at some of my past upholstery projects. I did these projects over the last ten years and do not have before pictures for two of them. In fact, I only have pictures of three upholstery projects, so I'll just show you those. I wish I knew ten years ago about this blog. I would have hundreds if not thousands of posts already!!!

This is the first piece of furniture I ever upholstered. I bought this chaise off of craigslist and I also believe this was the first time I made the hubby travel accross town for a junky piece of furniture. I did this back in 2006. So when I first got this chaise it was a tanish/brown faux pleathery material. It had lots of cracks and was just all around in bad shape. I got the fabric on sale from Joann's and really just had at it. I literally did this project non-stop for two days. In the end I was very happy with the result. The chaise held up for several years before I sold it. I honestly probably wouldn't have ever sold it if we had the room for it. I was and still am very proud of my craftsmandship on this piece.

That whole apartment was full of really fun DIY's, but unfortunately like I said, I have no pics of any of them. 

Moving on. I had left over fabric from the chaise so I decided to transform my one and only barstool from that apartment as well. This bar stool had been reupholstered once before, by someone my mom had hired. Then when my mom moved she gave the barstool to me. If I remember correctly the color of the fabric was a shade of golden brown.

And finally, the only one I have before and after pics of is a dining room chair. I redid the whole set. I sold this set after we built our farmhouse table.  Here is the before:

And the after:

There you have it. Three past upholstery projects. The chaise remains the largest project up until Eleanor. I've mainly just done chairs. Lots and lots of chairs. Hopefully, I'll have an Eleanor update soon!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monkey Ball Knot

These knots were a part of the centerpieces on the table. 

When I got the idea for these knots I started to research tutorials and each one stated this was the hardest knot there was to learn. A monkey knot is used when you need to throw a line...I don’t know...somewhere. The monkey ball adds weight to the end of the rope to help throw it. Well these knots have a lot of steps, so I put Nick on the task. We had to make eleven of these. Nick followed this basic tutorial

And once he had practiced once or twice and got the knot down he had an ingenious idea to make a knot tying station in our garage to aide in the knot tying. Here is Nick tying all of the knots. 

Each knot required twelve feet of rope. Inside each knot is a tennis ball that was spray painted brown, just in case any piece of it could be seen between the rope. 

And once poor Nick was done he had two rope splinters, but to me the splinters were well worth it!!! Maybe not to Nick, but he was happy I was happy!

The monkey knots were a big hit and we gave them away as a game. Everyone who got one was really excited and lots of people were disappointed they didn't win one. We ended up giving the extras we had away to friends and family who really really wanted one. Although, I of course kept one for myself!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Nautical Rope Vase

These vases held the flowers on the tables at our wedding. Our wedding was on a riverboat so we wanted to tie in some nautical pieces to our decor. These vases were super easy to make, although I got a horrible glue gun blister on my thumb making all eleven in one sitting.

I got the rope from Lowes. I used six feet sections. 

First, I emptied a bunch of soup cans. Actually, I started to save soup cans weeks before as we used them for dinner. Then I spray painted a coat of dark brown on all the cans, just in case some of the can showed through the rope. 

After spray painting I used my trusty glue gun to glue the rope around the vase. I started at the bottom and continued around until I got to the top. Some of the vase showed at the bottom, but that was okay with me. 

Also, I was kinda annoyed because not all of the six feet sections were six feet, a few of them were too long which was ok, but like three of them were too short, which really annoyed me. I didn’t have the time to go back to the store and point that out, so they just had to do. So for the most part I was happy with them, but if you decide to make a bunch check the rope lengths before starting.

In the end, they were beautiful, and the flowers looked beautiful inside the vases. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wedding Programs

My mom was so helpful with the wedding stuff. She actually made my programs, name cards, and anything that had to be printed! So I asked her if she could do a couple of guest posts and she happily agreed. This is the first guest post from my mom...

Since I live in another State I wanted to creatively be a part of my daughter’s wedding, so I decided to create her wedding program. I incorporated her wedding colors into the program, black and hot pink which are colors that work well together. I felt the style of the program should be traditional so I decided black ink on white paper for the cover.

Most wedding programs have the bride and groom’s name on the front cover, but I wanted to include my grandson Jacob in the program. I thought I would incorporate him by letting him make the announcement of his parents’ wedding, thus creating a sense of uniting a family together.

For the front cover design, I used a rubber stamp with three intertwined hearts. This represents Melissa, Nick and Jacob. I added a small pink rhinestone on the third heart.

The inside of the program would be pink paper with black ink. On the left side I listed all the family members of the bride and groom. On the right side I listed all the wedding party along with their titles. I also included any family members that had passed away. As I researched this on my computer, I found a beautiful phrase to include our passed loved ones and still make the program fun and festive.

The back cover had a short Irish poem from Melissa, Nick and Jakey. This was their way of thanking everyone for their love and support. To hold the program together I used a black ribbon tied into a bow.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wedding Aboard The Belle

I recently got married to the most wonderful man in the world. And I had the wedding of my dreams. I was married aboard a riverboat named the Scarlett Belle, which is a hand built boat in the Channel Islands Harbor. The boat has these really pretty giant red wheels, that don't actually push the boat, but they do spin while the boat is cruising, giving the illusion that they are pushing the boat. The boat actually goes on a four hour cruise and we were married right off the shore at sunset.

Not only is the boat just a gorgeous and romantic setting to have your wedding, the coordinator, GJ, could not have made my wedding any less stressful, easy, and fun! GJ works for the owner's of the Scarlett Belle who are also very nice people. And because this is such a specialized wedding venue, the Coordinator at the Belle gives you the option to use their own vendors, which I ended up doing. Their vendors were no more or less expensive than any other vendor and they had all worked together previously so I figured this would be the best bet. Actually, the florist was a bit more expensive, but I ended up getting a discount for the flowers because I mentioned that, so I can't complain! The caterer was amazing, pretty much everyone was in agreement that this was the best wedding food they had ever had!

 The coordinator was on top of things; he did not make this event any more stressful and even made it a point to have fun while we were planning. He did an awesome job and I wish everyone could be as lucky as I was to work with such a wonderful coordinator. Even throughout the wedding he was very much on top of every detail, from the music, to the set up and take down of chairs/tables/etc., to pointing out to our photographer the best picture locations he knew of.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Channel Islands, Ca be sure to check out the Scarlette Belle, they do all sorts of events onboard all year long and it's definitly worth a visit:

PS. This post is not sponsored by the Scarlette Belle, I just wanted to recommend them because they did such a great job with my wedding!