Tuesday, July 16, 2013


If you've ever seen the movie "Gone in Sixty Seconds" you know that Eleanor is Nicholas Cage's unattainable car. Everytime Nicholas Cage goes to steal that car something bad happens and he never gets away with the car until the very end of the movie. Well, that's what this sofa is to me, my Eleanor. I recently came accross this sofa for free, which of course is the best price. The sofa frame is in great shape, although it definitely needs to be reupholstered, needs new back cushions because there aren't any, and the wood needs work too.

And although we aren't in NEED of a new sofa; our three sided nine foot by nine foot sofa is still in decent condition after Jake, the dog, and the cats. But we are in need of a smaller sofa, a three sided nine foot by nine foot sofa is just too big in our small family room. It's hard to tell in the pic but this sofa is about eight feet long and unlike our current sofa it doesn't have two extra enormous sides popping out which is a bonus in our small family room.

So I've decided to face my Eleanor and reupholster this bad boy. I've done some reupholstering in the past: dining room chairs, bar stools, even a chaise lounge; but never a whole sofa. So I've decided I definitly need to baby step this one, so stay tuned for the progress and we'll get through this one together! I hope!

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  1. cool, we will look forward to your progress on this one. This is awesome what your doing, I love it