Thursday, June 20, 2013

This is the Bench that Nick Built...

The original plan was that we would build the bench together, Nick and I, but we were running short on time (we had family come to visit and needed the seating since we got rid of our old table and chairs with the addition of the new table). We were going to build the bench on Mother’s Day and Nick ended up doing it all on his own because Jakey was being a big butt head. Isn’t that how it always is? Murphy’s Law. Jake is such a happy kid pretty much all the time except for Mother’s Day. Nothing helped, he was just all around in a bad mood. So I manned the kiddo, while Nick built. 

The construction was pretty much like the table so it went fast. We got the blue prints from the same website as the table: here or here. And we had learned a lot from the table so we didn’t make the same mistakes. For instance, the angled boards on the bases we added those last this time so they would sit flush. 

The other thing we did differently which I think was actually a mistake, was that we added the top before staining. With the table we stained the base and the top pieces individually and then attached them. But the bench we didn’t do that and I don’t think the stain went on as nicely. I stained and polycoated, which took a week to do because I had to do it during nap times and this particular week the kiddo missed three naps!!!

All in all I love our new dining room set and can’t wait to add the chairs once they arrive which should be any day now!

Anyway, I know this wasn’t really a tutorial but I hope you enjoyed the post.

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