Friday, June 28, 2013

New Dining Chairs

Now that we have the table and the bench to match we HAD to get new chairs for the other side. I said HAD because I'm not sure Nick would consider the chairs a necessity in the same way I did! Anyway, I wanted to share the new chairs with you as we love them and are so pleased with them.

These are called Tabouret chairs. This particular color is "Vintage." We debated for a while on whether to get silver or vintage, but in the end vintage won out and I couldn't be happier after seeing the contrast of the metal against the wood table.

The chairs themselves are more comfortable than I had anticipated. We didn't try them before we bought them! We bought them on and we were a bit worried, but the Tabouret chairs have soooo many positive reviews we decided to go ahead and trust the rest of the world's opinion. Also they were only $200.00 for all of them with free shipping!!! Chairs are expensive so this was quite a steal!!! And can I just add I was so excited when they arrived two days after ordering, they were supposed to take a week, so that was a pleasant surprise.

And actually there are four chairs, but I took one out for the pics. I put it at the end of the table near the buffet, but it looks kinda ackward for pictures. And it sort of acts as a child proof lock so Jake can't get into the buffet. Seriously, if you look closely at our buffet you will realize that there are no drawer pulls, this is because in one week Jake broke two mugs, one wine glass, two salad plates, and a bowl. In his defense when I saw him come around the corner with the wine glass I did tell him to put it down and he listened, he just listened too well.

No drawer pulls.

And here is Jakey helping me take pics for this post. He thought it was hilarious to stick his face in front of the camera.

Jake was right, it was pretty cute!

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