Thursday, June 6, 2013

Driftwood Heart Wreath

This is probably one of my all time favorite projects. I started by preserving my driftwood; that process can be seen in this tutorial.

After the preservation process I had to cut some pieces down to size. To do this I just simply used a hack saw. Driftwood is very easy to cut and a lot of pieces will break so be gentle. 

Next, I drilled holes in the middle of the wood. 

And finally I put them on a piece of welding steel (three feet long) that I have shaped into a heart. To make the smaller wreath simply cut the welding steel into two pieces. The welding steel does not have to be perfect, the imperfections will disappear as you add the pieces of driftwood. 

For the end piece, I drill the first hole through the top, longways. Then I look to see where the other end meets that piece and drill a half hole there. The hole should be big enough just enough for the end to go in, but don’t go all the way through because both ends meet in this one piece of wood. Sorry if that’s confusing, it’s probably much easier to do than to say. Next, I add glue to both ends, put the last piece on and hold it in place with a piece of twine for twenty four hours. 

And here it is the driftwood heart. I think it's just such a pretty piece. If you don't want to make one, you can buy one at I Hearthandmade in Ventura, Ca. Or message me for details. 

That frame unfortunately shattered in a dog chasing the cat accident, but the wreath survived unscathed so it's also very durable!

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