Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wooden Wall Signs

Wall art can be so much fun! And so easy to make. I saw this sign on pinterest and decided to make my own version for I Heart Handmade. I also made my own version of the popular LOVE signs. This tutorial will show you the basics of both signs so you can have fun coming up with your own designs. I already have about fifty more ideas in my head of what I can do with these signs, but I wouldn’t have the space on my walls for all of them so let’s hope they sell like hot cakes! First I went to the hardware store and picked out some very lightweight poplar. Why poplar because it’s cheap. I can’t tell you what sizes of wood I specifically used because I just picked different sizes and put them together until I found a length and a width I liked. Once I got the wood home I picked out the nicer side for the front and attached the wood in the back like this. I used a thin strip, glued it to all of the boards and added tiny nails.

 Once the glue dried over night I got to stenciling/free handing the lettering. And then I painted it.

  Sorry the pencil markings are very light in the pic, but you can sort of see them.

 After the paint dried I stained right over. Then I sanded and beat up the sign. Finally I polycoated the sign and added a hanger to the back.


There you are. Easy, inexpensive, fun!


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