Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sunburst Mirror

I have been seeing so many pretty sunburst mirrors around lately that I decided I had to have one. I didn’t even know where I was going to put it, so I held off until one day it hit me. I was in the downstairs bathroom staring at the blank wall in front of me thinking I really need to put something pretty there and that’s when two and two were put together. 
Once I knew where to hang it I set out to make it. I picked up some shims from the hardware store, they come in a pack of 42 for $4. And I picked up a 5 inch mirror from the Dollar Tree. You can find these mirrors in the candle section. 
Once I got home I practiced my lay out. I laid all the shims around the mirror and decided on two rows of 10. I next went to my paint stash and decided I would do ten shims in white and ten shims in Lake Fog by Martha Stewart craft paints. I like to buy a few paints whenever they are on sale at Michael’s you can get them for .50 cents a piece on sale!

After all the pieces were painted I glued the first row directly onto the back of the mirror using super glue. Then I glued on the second row onto the first row. I put soup cans on top of various sections, acting like clamps while the glue dried. I let the mirror sit over night. 

Once the glue was dry I added a frame hanger thingy and hung the mirror to the wall. 

This mirror is very forgiving because you can’t tell if it was hung crooked because there is no crooked. 

 For $5, I now have a pretty sunburst mirror to stare at every time I’m in the bathroom.

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