Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Growth Chart

I’ve been seeing wooden growth charts popping up everywhere. Since my son is growing like a weed I thought I’d better get to making one. Once I saw the ruler I knew this was the growth chart for me. Whoever came up with this idea originally is a genius. This project is simple, fun, and a good starter project for anyone looking to get into DIY. First I went down to my local hardware store and picked up a 1x8x6 piece of pine. Why pine you ask? Because pine is the cheapest. I paid less than $5 bucks for the wood.


 I got home and pulled out a pencil and tape measure. I knew that I wanted the growth chart to hang six inches from the floor so I started my markings six inches up. I made the foot markings an inch and a half long, the next longest line an inch long, and the shortest lines half an inch long. I hope that makes sense. Then when I was done I traced over the lines with a ruler and sharpie. Next, since I already had some stencils on hand (that I think I originally purchased from Staples) I just taped those to the wood and colored the numbers in with my sharpie. Once I was all done with the markings, I took my growth chart out to the garage for staining. I used two coats of Minwax’s Early American.

 I chose not to poly-coat this project because I figured we would be making markings directly onto the wood as he grows. And in eighteen years if I want to poly-coat it then I can.

 Well, there you have it. Super easy wooden growth chart for about $6.

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