Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIY Wood Worker's Dresser

When we moved to our current home we needed a dresser to match our new bed. Without having the budget to go out and spend hundreds on a new dresser I started scouting both images of dressers I liked online and craigslist to see what was out there. One day I spotted it, the dresser of my dreams. Just Kidding. But the dresser I saw I planned on turning into the dresser of my dreams! So I shot a message to my hubby at work and convinced him to bring home this dresser.

I know what you're thinking, that's the junkiest dresser you've ever seen! But I knew it had potential and the price was right. My hubby thought I was crazy wanting him to bring this home for me, but being the loving man that he is, he brought it home anyway. Once we got it home we discovered it was a bit worse than anticipated. The drawer pulls were falling off just sitting in the garage, there was literally trash in all the drawers. The sellers must of thought we were suckers for sure. Well after getting the "your crazy but I love you anyway" look from my fiance I showed him a picture of what I wanted this dresser to be:

Yes I know you're giving me the your crazy look too! But I figured since the dresser was junk and we paid less than $30 bucks for it, it'd be ok if I had to trash it and start over with a different idea. And with that thought in mind, I dove right in. 
First we had to replace the top, it just couldn't be salvaged. That was simple we just bought a piece of plywood, had the store cut it and came home and switched them out. 
Next, the drawers. This gets a bit complicated because there was some math involved. I measured each drawer individually and then went to the store and measured the width of the strips of wood. I figured out I needed five from top to bottom on each drawer. This was good because the excess on the top and the bottom would cover the gaps in between each drawer and give me more of a cohesive look. My fiance came up with four different templates, that we would just alternate on all the drawers.  
After I had all of my strips of wood cut I laid them out on each drawer positioning them how they would eventually be attached. I then decided on four different stain colors and while the slats of wood were still laying on the drawers I assigned them a color. I stained each one. 

Next I laid them out onto each drawer again. Glued the slats to the drawer and once the glue dried, my fiance drilled a tiny hole through each side of each slat. 

After the hole was drilled, I followed him with a hammer and finishing nails. Originally we were going to fill in each hole, but decided we liked the look of the tiny finishing nails.

Sorry for the bad picture, I just couldn't seem to get a shot without a glare, but you can see the small finishing nails in each board.
After adding the finishing nails we got simple silver drawer pulls and voila! We were done. Alright so it's not exactly the inspirational dresser but for under $100 it certainly came close. And I like the mix and match of mine better.

Again sorry for the not so good pics, there's not a lot of room to get a good front shot because my bed is in the way and for some reason I get nothing but camera glare. I'll have to learn to take better pics for this blog!

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  1. Very nice, it came out great!

  2. Fantastic, it's very original and has soul. Worth more than a price tag.

  3. All your projects are beautiful, very creative!

  4. nice work! projects look clean and well thought out. looking forward to your next work