Sunday, May 12, 2013

Baby Love

This project is super cute for new moms and since it's Mother's Day I figured I would share. I started with my son’s footprints. When he was in his high chair I got out the red finger paint and pressed his little feet into my paper. I used a book for leverage. Since I don't have pics of this I thought I would just add some cute pics of my son finger painting.   

Then once his feet prints dried I took them to Michael's and found some wooden letters about the same size. I also grabbed a shadow box while I was there. Although the backing only came in black and since I wanted to paint the letters black I stopped by the fabric store and picked up some white fabric. 

Next, I painted the letters black. After ironing the wrinkles out of my fabric, I removed the backing from the frame and covered it with the white fabric. I cut the corners at an angle to ensure no wrinkles. I used fabric glue to hold it in place. And then I used soup cans to hold the fabric until the glue dried. 

Once the glue dried on the fabric I glued the letters into place. Again I used soup cans to hold the letters until the glue dried. While the glue was drying I hopped online and printed out a heart template and traced it onto the paper with my son’s feet. Then I went over the pencil tracing with black marker. Lastly, I glued the heart between the letters. I put the whole thing back together and this lovely little memory is hanging on my stairs as you walk under.

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